Best Fin Friend Kid Sweatshirt

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What's the story on the tee? 

Plastic pollution in the ocean is causing our underwater friends to mistake plastic for their lunch! There is so much plastic floating around the oceans that it starts to look, and smell, like food to sea creatures, Yikes! Let's be a BFF to our friends in the oceans! 

Every Kat•tu•ma•rum product is a conversation starter. 

Every Kat·T comes with a fun eco-activity pack with relevant facts to enable a credible and fun eco-conversation with your kids, family, neighbors, best friend or a stranger at the park!

Your kids will love that show-and-tell just became wear-and-tell! We make wearing Kat·Ts an experience! 

Fabric: 100% certified organic cotton 
Fair Trade: Made in proper working conditions, with no child labor 
Vegan: 100% PETA Approved Vegan

    Care: Cold machine wash (max 30°C or 90°F). Wash with similar colors, do not iron on the design, wash and iron on the wrong side.

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    Size Chart:

      Sizes (age) 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/11 12/14
      Half chest 35 37 39 43 46
      Body length 42 46 51.5 57.5 61