Kat Kids for Earth Day

It's 50 years of Earth Day on April 22! 

Celebrate with the 'Kat Kids Do It Write' contest. 


Here’s what you have to do: 

  • Download one (or all!) of the many fun illustrated sea-creatures from our Kat Family below.
  • Get your li’l one to color the sea-creature and then ask them to write-in the answer to the big question: What would you do to make our planet a better place? Have a chat, think about it, and get them to write their best answer.
  • Then, click a pic, post it on insta, tag us @kattumarumnyc and use our hashtag #katkids.
  • We’ll feature all the posts on our insta-stories and on Earth Day we'll pick 3 winners!

Contest closes on April 21st. Get your posts in soon, you never know who you might inspire next!


Curious Turtle

 Scientific Fish

Friendly Octopus

Inquisitive Seahorses