Eco News for Eco Champs

We’re celebrating Earth Day by launching our first edition of the Kat Kid Adventure Post - an eco-magazine for our eco-champs with puzzles, coloring, and other games to introduce them to the challenges the earth faces and the solutions we can all be a part of.

What's inside:

🌎 Page 2 features the story behind the first Earth Day, way back in 1970.
🌎 Page 3 covers all the amazing achievements of Earth Day from then until now.
🌎 Pages 4 & 5 are packed with word games and puzzles and activities, all designed to inspire eco-learning for kids.
🌎 Page 6 has a fun coloring sheet.
🌎 Page 7 features stories of Eco Champs from around the world.
🌎 And Page 8 wraps it up with a celebration for President Biden for rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Get Your Free Digital Copy

    We want to share our first Kat Kid Adventure Post with as many eco champs as possible - for free! Share your email with us and we'll send you your own digital copy of the Kat Kid Adventure Post. PLUS, nominate up to 5 friends to receive a digital copy for free too!

    Order a Print Edition

    A printed edition offers the best experience, no question! So, we’re printing a full color, 8-page limited edition tabloid size magazines for kids to enjoy at their leisure. Buy your printed copy here to enjoy at home. 

    For K-5 Educators

    Teachers love it already! We’re working with schools in California and Washington DC to provide printed copies for K-5 students. If you’d like to purchase (or want to sponsor) printed copies that come with a handy teacher-approved lesson plan for your classroom, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you!