Dear Mr. President

We’re super excited that President Biden is prioritizing our climate and planet:

  • On Day 1, his administration rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, the monumental global agreement where leaders of 196 countries agreed to tackle climate change.
  • On Earth Day 2021, his administration committed to reduce United States’ greenhouse gas emissions 50-52% by 2030.

And as a POSITIVE ACTION (the world knows we need more positivity), we are sending our collective love and an all-caps THANK YOU to our DEAR MR. PRESIDENT via postcards. Woot! 

Join hundreds of kids and families to thank President Joe Biden for prioritizing the health of our planet. Instructions are here!

WATCH kids - little and big - passing on their postcards till it reaches the President and READ what they have to say in the gallery below.  

South Carolina




South Dakota







North Carolina






Washington DC







New York






Other Countries


Let's spread the cheer, mail it forward and share the ocean and nature love with our new White House! 

Here's how you can get involved!

  • PRINT or SAVE the postcard to your tablet (see below)
  • Then FILL IT IN with why you love the environment so much.
  • Next, FILM yourself so we can include it in this VIDEO. Please use vertical format, moving the postcard from your RIGHT hand to your LEFT hand. 
  • Share your video on INSTA and tag us, @katkidadventure or email it to We’ll take it from there!

We will write this on a cheerful ocean friendly, nature loving postcard and drop it in the mail for you after Inauguration Day to President Biden and Vice President Harris! 

CLICK, DOWNLOAD and SAVE your postcard. If printing, use regular size (A4) size paper.   

CLICK, DOWNLOAD and SAVE your postcard. If printing, use regular size (A4) size paper.