Plastic Free July

Change starts with small steps. And because this month is Plastic Free July, let’s all take a pledge!

A pledge to remove one plastic element out of our lives. It could be saying NO to plastic bags or plastic straws or plastic cups or plastic water bottles or if you’re willing to take a bigger step - how about saying NO to all items that come in plastic packaging.

Take the pledge to give up one plastic item in your household.

  • Download the Pledge Poster of your choice (below)
  • Print it out. Fill in your family name
  • Take a pic of it on your front door and post it on insta with the tags @kattumarumnyc #plasticfreejuly 
  • We would love to profile your family on our feed!

If you put your mind to it, we’re sure you’ll come up with solutions to live a plastic-free life. And if you haven’t already started, then Plastic Free July is when it begins.

Download Your Pledge:





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